[VetPOC GlukoPet® J ] Special calibrated glucose meter for pets (more...)
Accurate, simple and easy for your pets. GlukoPet® J the Glucose meter Calibrated for dogs and cats
[VetPOC GlukoPet] Special calibrated glucose meter for pets (more...)
VetPOC GlukoPet Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the latest advancement in biosensor technology. Monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) at home is a necessary part of the treatment plan of pets with diabetes mellitus.
[VetPOC GlukoPet A1c] HbA1c Analyzer for Veterinary (more...)
GlukoPet HbA1c Analyzer for Veterinary. It can help diagnostic Diabetes Mellitus and differentiate stress-induce hyperglycemia from loss of regulation. It is reliable indicator of long-term glucose control in both the dog and cats.
Qromsulin-Dietary Supplement for Dog and Cat (more...)
Supports for sugar, protein & fat metabolism